Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In My Life

-----Jabberpop...this is pretty cool. It looks like it is just getting off the ground. It is a page of peoples' opinions and readers say if they agree. I think it is fun and I might learn about something I had never heard of before. My first posted Jabber was that "fast food restaurants need to have better sanitation policies." I like Jabber better than Twitter.
-----Clipping Coupons tonight...local ad inserts, CouponSurfer,Better Homes and Gardens,Oprah's magazine (if there are any coupons there),All You magazine. Saving money is good. :-)
-----Playing Bejeweled Deluxe this evening. Fun,fun,fun.....though Tetris is better.
-----Watching anime....mainly just adverts/shorts to get people interested in the various anime....something Husband picked up at a Best Buy. I like the humorous anime. :-)
-----I have a couple of carnation arrangements that have stayed usable for a little over three weeks now. That brightens my day.

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