Monday, February 25, 2008

In My Life

-----I have a weird cold. Every time I am sitting down and lean my head back, I get dizzy. I think my sinuses are really messed up. At 10pm, I can take more NyQuill. Husband says he is getting dizzy, too.
-----We have "Ratatouille" and "Hairspray"....not sure which we are watching tonight. (It ended up being "Hairspray" and then a movie called "The Last Legion" about Excalibur and a little boy named Romulus,a descendant of Julius Caesar.)
-----Watched a bit of "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad" where the Dads were carrying scorpions around tonight. I liked that the child's fave band was "The Beatles." The tooth fairy paid twenty dollars for a tooth....WOW. They won 40-thousand dollars....but I would have to think hard about touching the scorpions.

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