Thursday, February 28, 2008

I enjoy decorating and find home staging fascinating. :-)


Shephard said...

Fun video... I love shows like that. What a differnce!

You asked about The Shins...
They're kinda folksy-alternative. My favorite songs of theirs are "A Comet Appears," "Red Rabbits" and "Phantom Limb." Let me know if you like them. :) (those songs are from their CD, "Wincing the Night Away")

Shephard said...

Tom's of Maine :)
They also have Lemongrass.


I like Tom's of Maine...but didn't know about the deodorant. I am excited to try it. I hope it is kind to allergies...I often have problems with the essential oils. A lot of deodorants bother me/don't work (especially natural types). I am absolutely going to try this though.

I use Tom's of Maine toothpaste because I shouldn't have fluoride. I hardly ever get through a whole tube though...don't know what the tubes are made of but it starts degrading on me and getting GROSS. I must write a letter about this sooner or later. The tube starts springing multiple leaks. I guess I need to get inventive and find an alternate toothpaste container.

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