Sunday, February 24, 2008

Calendar....Boy George's trial starts tomorrow

Feb. 25, 2008- Boy George's trial is set to start.

March 2008-Dark Horse Comics has more Star Wars comics out

March 25...Tolkien Reading Day. I am wondering how the suit by Tolkien's heirs is going.

May 10...Jenna Bush least that is the media-reported date.

May 11...Mother's Day (United States)....DON"T FORGET.

Summer 2008 Batman:Dark Knight...trailer

June 2, 2008-Transformers 2 is set to start filming.

July 25...X-Files 2 comes out

2nd Half of 2008-"Blood Bowl" (football with "Warhammer" characters) will be available in several formats. We will be buying the PC version. Here is an idea of what the game will be like.


Sleepypete said...

I bought Chaos League a few years ago, thinking it was a Games Workshop product ... Ah well ;-) It wasn't bad but I got bored with it when my Dwarves steamrollered all of the opposition.

Warcraft's second expansion comes out later in the year - that's the main thing I'll be looking forward to.

scrappintwinmom said...

Jenna Bush is getting married? Good thing you told me, I have time to buy her something. Michele sent me.


Games Workshop does own the Chaos League Title now....from what I understand (read it on Wikipedia) part of a settlement.


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