Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Rambo...hit theaters, January 25,2008. Set in Burma...I hope that this might call more attention to the political situation in Burma. Stallone has actually addressed the issue with Myanmar officials.

Feb. 7, 2008-Survivor 16 starts on CBS. I am not sure if I will be cheering for the Fans or the Favorites.

Feb. 12,2008- IHOP's National Pancake Day. Get free pancakes and support Children's Miracle Network. An annual event.
-----Currently: IHOP has all-you-can-eat pancake deals going on. Husband and I had a good time taking advantage of this one evening...very economical. :-)

Feb. 25, 2008- Boy George's trial is set to start.

March 2008-Dark Horse Comics has more Star Wars comics out

March 2...Mother's Day---DON'T FORGET!!!

May 10...Jenna Bush wedding

Summer 2008 Batman:Dark Knight...trailer

June 2, 2008-Transformers 2 is set to start filming...unless there are problems with the writer's strike. It looks like the writer's strike may be ending soon.

July 25...X-Files 2 comes out

2nd Half of 2008-"Blood Bowl" (football with "Warhammer" characters) will be available in several formats. We will be buying the PC version.

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