Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

1. The Zaky Infant Pillow...neat. It stimulates a mother's hands holding the baby while asleep.

2. Mitt Romney gave a speech on religion meant to assure voters....are you assured? Do you think that he is being treated unfairly? Do you support separation of Church and State? Yes, I know these are some deep questions.

3. Among other Jell-O recipes....Jell-O Popcorn Balls. The Jell-O is used to flavor the popcorn balls, so it might be really good.

4. Inactivity link to mental decline

5. Yeti on Mount Everest?

6. I found a copy of "The Joy of Cooking" from its 1985 publishing at a thrift store. I paid a little over two dollars and got such a great book. I am adding it to my "101 Things to Do in 1001 Days Project" activities. I intend to read the entire book,try at least 100 regular recipes and try all the recipes in the Brunch,Lunch and Supper section (which deals with mixes and things like that). I have a lot of work and good meals ahead of me.


"Superman Theme Song"

"James Bond Theme Song"


9. Are fertility therapies really effective or safe?

10. I didn't know that Paula Deen had grocery items....interesting.

-----Cranberry Orange Crush Cake
-----Retro Apple Cake
-----What can you do with a box of cake mix?
-----Peppermint Angel Food Cake

12. Pet peeve: Today cleaning the shower...used too much bleach. Now the house smells overwhelmingly of bleach. Why do you never realize that you have used to much bleach until it is too late??? Why does the too-much-bleach-effect always have to occur when you want to get rid of one last spot??? Why do humans get such dirty feet???


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stubarnes said...

This thirteen had me rolling on the floor! Random, goofy, and glorious.

13 Love Stories:


Thank you. That review made me feel special. :-)

Sara said...

Really enjoyed your 13 - have to head over and get some of Paula Deans' stuff. I really like her - she a good ol' Southern gal!

BTW, Hello, Michele sent me and I was glad she did - learned a little more about you!


Thanks, Sara. :-)

damozel said...

Now that was a veritable FEAST of randomness. I admired Mitt Romney's father, George, who marched with Martin Luther King and took a stand against the Vietnam war. I'm sorry that M. Romney is having to deal with these questions about his faith---ubt that wouldn't have happened if his party hadn't MADE it an issue.

Popcorn Jell-O? Urgh. And I just don't know what to do or say about the sexual predator coloring books. I'm sort of glad I am 50.


Jeannine said...

Not sure whether to find No. 8 good or disturbing...
Apart from that, fun list!
Happy TT.


Happy TT to you Jeannine. :-)

Nicholas said...

Never mind colouring books... Maybe it would be best to keep children away from priests altogether. Adults who willingly or unwillingly enter into the totally unnatural state of celibacy are like coiled springs and sometimes the tension is too great, with children as the easiest victims.

Popcorn Jello? I think I'll pass.


There should be a check and balance system. More monitoring, counseling (not just at the beginning of vows) and some sort of change-on-a-frequent basis companions to make sure all is going well. The Roman Catholic Church (and a lot of others) were more concerned with both the appearance of and actual properness a few decades ago...we have strayed too much to liberalism....I know there is a good balance somewhere. When one takes a vow, one should do all that they can to keep it.

DrillerAA said...

On a semi-serious note, I think that if we study the subject in depth we will find that the "Separation of Church and State" has been badly abused. The founding fathers never meant for the church to stay out of government nor have any influence in politics. However, the state was to have minimal power over the affairs of the church.


Thank you DrillerAA. Your comments were bold and wise.

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