Saturday, December 08, 2007

New to Yippi.....

I have 5 friend requests that I need to look through. I replied to a comment but haven't figured out where my comment went. Social networking is interesting. I am a Yippi. :-)

I think it is funny that it says "Female,Likely" is not indicating that I am likely a female....LOL. I blog anonymously, so the choice of "Likely, California" for a home was more of a joke. I wish that hometown could be left off...I am usually a little more comfortable with region. :-)


Carmi said...

Michele sent me back because she's so kind! I often wrestle with how much information to post - or to hold back. I write under my real name, but even then there are some limits I won't approach or cross.


I think that is a good thing....that there are some limits you won't cross. It shows a healthy regard for safety in an unsafe world.

If one is sincere, than readers get to know you not but the stereotypes of general achievements or facts. A blog is about being real and expressing yourself....all the while with total strangers.

:-) Likely, California makes me smile.

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