Monday, December 10, 2007

Manic Monday

For the holidays, are you a last-minute shopper or do you shop well ahead of time?
Both I guess. There are always people that I find something for well ahead of time and then there are those who I am struggling for something for almost to the last minute.

If you had to pick a new first name for yourself, what name would you choose?
I like my first name....sorry to disappoint, but I wouldn't change it. If I were a man, I would like to be named Damien or Estaban. I thought of naming a dog Estaban. If I were naming a fish after the name I would choose if I were a man, I would name it "Esta-fishie."

What's worse,having expectations that are too high, or having no expectations at all?
Both are equally bad and can ruin your life.

Manic Monday


Gellianne said...

Hi! Nice meeting you here! Great answers!

ThomasLB said...

"Damien?" I think "The Omen" kind of ruined that name. That would be kind of like naming yourslelf Beelzebub...


Mharia said...

yeah, too high an expectation and having absolutely no expectation at all isn't good ...

Happy MM!
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Siani said...

Great answers - I especially like #3 - I said something similar. Have a great week!

My answers can be seen at Siani's Pot-Pourri.

Angelika said...

Good answers.

My answers are HERE.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Esta-fishie- LOL!

A happy medium for #3 is perfect but hard to find. :-)

Thanks for playing MM.


Nice meeting you, Gelliane. Thank you and come again. :-)


I still like Michael Damian. Well, I guess I would want to have it spelled with an "a" instead of an "e" like Michael does. During his "Rock On" phase, I really liked his style.

Angelika said...

That name Esteban reminds me of something...I can hear it in my head.

Must be from a movie or TV Show, LOL.

Thanks for visiting my MM! :-)

OH! Kill Bill Volume 2. The old pimp was named Esteban.


Well...I was thinking of a little boy named Estaban in a cartoon. :-)

I probably wouldn't want to be named after an old pimp. :-)

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