Sunday, December 02, 2007

-----I found this the media is abused by those wishing to make the news. Those wishing to make the news are often rewarded to the extreme for their outlandish actions.
-----Why you should read the directions first....this made me smile. I am Star Wars obsessed.
----Fans camping outside of Harrison Ford's house???


ThomasLB said...

If you do something interesting, people will watch.

This isn't always a bad thing. PETA, for example, is known for their publicity stunts. If they didn't do these things, nobody would know who they were or what they believe.

(But obviously there's a big difference between picketing in a lobster suite and taking people hostage.)

ThomasLB said...

PS- For a brief period in the 70s, there was a real problem with fans running onto the football field. Once the networks made the decision not to show them anymore, the problem went away.

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