Sunday, December 02, 2007


The movie "I Am Legend" will be out December 14
Feb. 25, 2008- Boy George's trial is set to start.


colleen said...

I don't know the movie and wonder what Boy George did. I'm going to go google him. Michele sent me tonight.


Well....the movie is a Will Smith movie about the last man on Earth. There appear to be other beings but they are all infected. Anyway....I think that it will be a good movie but I am worried that once it gets to the really scary parts it will lose the pace of the movie. I get annoyed when a movie is horribly slow and then starts throwing itself at you. That "style" gets on my nerves. Anyway....I am hoping that it is really good. I enjoyed "Children of Men" and hope that it is somewhat like that as far as pace of movie.

Boy George is being accused of false imprisonment....a lurid,sexual scandal. At least this is involving adults. It is a weird world that we live in. I don't have an opinion as to whether he is guilty or innocent.

I think it is a pity that Boy George's life could not be one of expressing his art. I think that the media and all the bad influences in society have changed our world SO MUCH. Whether one is guilty or innocent in this world doesn't seem to matter is all about how you are perceived.

I am glad that you came to visit. :-)

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