Sunday, December 02, 2007

Santa Claus


-----Shoving a pie in Santa's face results in a misdemeanor. It will be interesting to see if Santa has a sense of humor and drops charges. I guess it just wouldn't be as much of a blooper if the young man had gotten permission first.
-----Neat...a Santa that signs for deaf children.
-----A cloud of hot space gas that looks like Santa....I just don't see it.


Shameless said...

Hi BB! Your page downloaded IMMEDIATELY. Wow. Nice. I see you've reduced the number of posts displayed, which has no doubt sped up the downloading. Wonderful. :-)


I changed the template....a LOT. I know that helped. I need to look at the rules on some of my sponsored posts and see how long they should be on the front page. I obviously don't find sponsored things that I like all the time. Yes, it does load faster with fewer posts. Anyway....thank you.

Shameless said...

Yippppeeee ... so much easier now to call in say hi! :-)

colleen said...

I think I'd make a good one except I'm too short and petite.

Why can't I sign in as other with a link to site? Not so fair to non blogger bloggers.


I bet you could still do something like this. I think it just takes a lot of style. A lot of the Santas that I have seen in various articles about Santa-training don't match the profile of a traditional Santa.

I am not sure about your second comment. What are you trying to sign into???

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