Thursday, November 15, 2007

We Have Mice

Yes!!! I have a mouse again. I have been coding by hand for about three days...and that only goes so far as one only has so much time (and coding expertise). A part of the wire on my Fellowes Handheld Tracball Mouse that I use for my laptop came apart...after about a year of rigorous often on-the-go-so-knocked around use (violating the 3-year-warranty for return as it would be "abuse). I was expecting the demise but didn't have enough time to prepare.

So, off to Walmarts...yes, that is plural as I was trying to find my beloved mouse's relative on the shelves. My late night voyage produced nothing like what I wanted. I purchased a Microsoft Wireless Mouse...two days later it stopped working. I returned it.

I found a company (Ritz Camera) that makes my original mouse. This time I got smart and ordered the suggestion of Wise Husband.

The moral:
If you like a certain piece of computer equipment, always buy two if you can manage to afford it.

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