Monday, November 19, 2007

We are watching Conan (both movies) this evening. Conan the Barbarian was fictional but his tribe was not.


Shameless said...

Two movies in one night!? Sounds like bliss. Your site is still taking ages to download, but I hang around and wait, because I like your little titbits on many different subjects. I think there is probably too much on this opening page and it takes ages for everything to open. :-)

Jamaican Dawta said...

Is that the one with Arnold Schwarzeneggar (sp?)?

I agree with Shameless' point about your site, but I try to be patient :)

BTW, about your previous post, if I could choose my hair colour, it would be red. I think redheads, in all shades, have more fun than blondes, lol. When I used to relax my hair and colour it, I would always choose one that would give me an auburn look.

P.S. Thanks for your kind words re my instalment.


I am not sure. I have whittled it down to 7 days for now and still...problems...but not every time or for everyone. Thank you for sticking around. :-)


Now...I just have 4 days up and it appears to be going faster....I hope. This is going to get fixed sooner or later...even if I have to scrap my treasure template which I know causes some problems. I will keep whittling away. I have seen blogs with as much content as mine that load just, mine will load just fine...someday.

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