Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is my life....

A very neat is also an adjustable piece of furniture. I would find that really neat for playing Warhammer 40K....not that I really like doing anything other than collecting the figures. I am a weird 40K collector. I have an Eldar army that I picked because I like elves. I plan on displaying my army in printer's boxes. I have never really understood the 40K rules....but like collecting. Anyway the carpet would be neat...if it was arranged in a way that the figures did not fall over easily and players did not fall on the figures. To me the cost would be worth it for all the fun that this would give children (or adult children, in the case of 40K).

Searching for the perfect Christmas gifts. I want my gifts to show that I really care...hard to find among all the JUNK that is on the Internet and in the stores.

Anyone know where I can find really OLD Christmas ornaments at good prices??? I have found several sites but I don't think anyone I know would find a dog using a hot air balloon to be a thoughtful gift.

I have submitted requests to be a member of a couple of RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) groups. We will see if I get accepted. I plan on blogging the non-confidential parts of this. The world could use more kindness. I couldn't find any RAK groups for bloggers though I know that some bloggers talk about the RAK groups they belong to...this made me sad. Anyway....this should be an adventure.


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Are you a legitimate commenter?? It would appear that you may be a this true? Anyway....I do "Exercise for Comments"...thanks for helping me workout.

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