Sunday, November 11, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

We have a treadmill. I still find treadmills a little difficult to stay on. I do not like all the sweat on treadmill bars at the gym. I am going to make a stand for my laptop on the treadmill if we can find a way to keep it stable. Cute little hamsters on a treadmill. That "OK-Go" music video with all the treadmills. "Japanese Treadmill Insanity."Wow...I just found a product for using a laptop on a treadmill called "Netrunner" is a lot like what I had visualized doing. Quite a while ago, I saw a video of a ghost shrimp running on a treadmill.

Breast stroke.Back stroke.having a stroke.

Exclusively at ______. Best Buy has a lot of exclusively ats. mutually exclusive. a lot of news media claims to have an exclusive...this is not always so anymore.

whipping. lashing something together. eyelash...I never have been able to master an eyelash curler.lashing out when angry.backlash

Red Carpet:
at award shows movie stars walk down it.Earlier today, I saw Elton John singing "Goodbye England's Rose" in some of the footage from Diana's funeral....there was a shot of Diana walking down a red carpet somewhere in the photos....I wonder where that was...she was wearing such an elegant white dress and heels."the red carpet treatment." roll out the red carpet.

Credit Card:
credit card offers.hidden fees.stolen credit cards.Suze Orman(yes, that is how she spells her first name) says should lean on credit card in student years....responsibly.

points collected in a credit card program.points on a test. the thousand points of light....remember that??? a child often they get older,they are taught it is rude to point.MyPoints.

domestic flight.domestic beer.housewife. domestic cat.a servant.domesticated animals.

drinking age.21st birthday. There was a Sean Penn movie called "21 Grams."


This is a word-association meme by LunaNina.

The OK-Go Treadmill thing ("Here It Goes Again") as done by students at a talent show


Nintendo Wii being used in physical therapy and stroke recovery.

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