Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

"The only salmon farm in Northern Ireland has lost its entire population of more than 100,000 fish, worth some $2 million, to a spectacular jellyfish attack..."

The amount of jelly fish involved in this attack is astounding and the evidence for global warming is alarming.

2. Cat with two faces...may also have two brains.

3. In the UK, some Christians are seeking the right to sue the BBC for blasphemy...which carries a maximum life sentence.

4. This Swiss Army Knife sets record for number of tools.


"Leave EVERYONE Alone"


"RV Cooking Show - Mom's Famous Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce"


"Chef Keith Snow from Harvest creates the perfect Thanksgiving vegetable gravy."

------Artichokes and potatoes with oloroso sherry
-----Spiced Cranberry Sauce

9. Noose found on floor of fire station.


"Caucusing is Easy."
Have you ever caucused???

11. -----Santa Claus promotes obesity???
-----Santa will be at Wal-Marts this year...and a photo will be free.


So, I would assume you recognize this man by the end.

13. Smile. If you like my blog, please vote for me. You can vote once daily.


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Natalie said...

That's a fun list!

My TT is up

Nicholas said...

That’s a very interesting, substantial list. The religious nuts trying to sue the BBC will get nowhere, except to make themselves look like a bunch of eccentric loonies. The sudden appearance of a ten mile square shoal of warm-water jellyfish in cooler waters is far more serious and alarming, in fact and by implication, than any broadcast about Jesus ever could be

Tien said...

your thursday thirteens look interesting. and the "leave everything alone" is funny. is it the yellow wall? the mark something from ipod? i download every now and then. :D


Yes, this is Mark Day. I like a lot of his comedy.

damozel said...

The jellyfish thing is really quite alarming. I forwarded it to a friend---don't be surprised if you end up with a link!

I was glad, therefore, for the subsequent comic relief!

Linda R. Moore said...

I can't watch the videos...but what I can see is interesting. Poor little cat.

I have fingers in four TTs this week:

Anonymous said...

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