Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

1. "Burners Without Borders" is seeking help to assist in the rebuilding after the 8.0 earthquake in Peru.

Please vote for me if you like my blog....you can vote once daily and this would mean a lot. My blog is kind of like what the inside of my brain probably looks like...cozy and scattered...I like my blog. I have even joined a group for people who blog about a wide variety of things. Though I am not winning, I have blogged honestly and valiantly....I am proud of my 332 votes. :-)

3. When the dentist starts dancing during your exam, the results can be very bad. Isn't "Car Wash" disco??? Disco dancing is usually pretty...energetic.

4. Husband made his first pieces of steel armor last month. Women always talk about wanting a knight in shining armor...I may literally have one at some point. :-)

5. What happens when the Kool-Aid Man trips.

6. 15 Seconds of Star Wars Fun:

7. Thing I am grateful for today:
Husband taking care of me as I seem to have caught a chill sometime between today and yesterday. Everytime I take off the blankets, I am the Shiver Queen...and sometimes when the blankets are on,too. He has brought me tea (and blankets)....very sweet.


9. Efforts in the U.K. to encourage consumers to protest packaging when they get to the checkout. I work retail and think this an excellent idea so long as the consumer doesn't take this out on employees who have nothing to do with the packaging (and can do fairly little about it without their life being hellish).

10. How is a tumor like an embryo?


12. 5 foods that have health benefits....though people often think they are harmful.

13. Smile.

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Tien said...

you should be proud of your blog. 300+ of posts are all meaning and part of your life. anyway, look forward to reading the rest of your tuesday thirteens. :D


I am proud of the votes that I have received for the Blog For a Year thing. My blog is a very important part of my life. Thank you. :-)

grace said...

A very sweet hubby in times of sickness is the best medicine! Hope you feel better soon.

Zenmomma said...

So many interesting links. Thanks for the 13.

Joyismygoal said...

oh my fun i bookmarked this for later


I am feeling better than I did at the start of the day. Husband has been very nice in caring for me. :-)

Nicholas said...

I think protesting about packaging is a brilliant idea, as long as people don't blame check-out staff for it, as you say.


:-) at Zenmomma. When someone says my links are interesting, it makes me happy. I blog about whatever is important to me for one reason or another....humor,inspiration,trying to make a little change in the world. :-)


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