Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is a letter for people who deliberately throw away glasses instead of putting them in the lost and found

I have a rare eye problem...a true alternating extropia. As far as I know it is a true one...meaning one or the other eye is always out of place.

Well...I have finally seen why the reaction to my eye problem is so extreme (though I don't understand the reaction of hate). I caught my eye in the mirror this evening. When I say that my eye goes to the, it is not just that. I knew that sometimes it looks odd...and that it has been described as my one side being almost entirely the whites of my eye...but still have never understood the extremity of reactions to it. I saw it couldn't even see half my eyeball. I still find the fact that people hate me, say things,treat me like I am mentally handicapped or tremble....inexcusable.

I have been sick with the flu the last few weeks and when I blow my nose I have been having problems keeping my glasses from fogging up...thus, I have been taking the glasses off. I have also been carrying bags of tissues and water just to be able to keep at work.

Anyway...I hope that the hypothesis is wrong, but there is a strong possibility that a co-worker threw out my glasses when I accidentally left them at work (in the midst of hacking up a lung and keeping track of all my sickly needs...I forgot them).

In the area where I live people think it is funny to throw out glasses when they work retail. The glasses were seen in a specific location by someone else who didn't make the connection that they were, they were there. They are not there now and I have extensively backtracked everywhere I was that day several times.

I used to have this problem with sunglasses. I didn't realize that it gave people a sick kick to throw glasses out but found out from talking to fellow retail workers that it does. Well...I hope this person feels bad. I will be going to make another fruitless effort at looking for them. I will make sure that this person knows that they have not done what they consider to be causing just some inconvenience. Not all glasses cost the same or are for the same purpose.

My glasses are what I call my Clark Kent disguise. They pull my eye in some but they also save me from SOME of the mistreatment that I am given by others. My glasses are not your garden-variety deal at the eye shop have thrown out 600 dollar glasses.

The mistreatment that I received from people I encountered first day without the glasses in a long time. I can thank you for that.

I need a new prescription anyway....but wanted to wait. Unless the glasses are found (by some miracle of me having picked them up after they were sighted) I will be spending my day off getting a new set of glasses. I will have to hope that it doesn't take a few weeks for the lenses to get matter how hard I try, I don't do well emotionally with the reactions to my eye problems.

Whomever you are, I know that you will comment on my new glasses. If you are one of my suspects, and I know who would be nasty enough to do this, I will make sure to mention why I had to buy new glasses, how much the missing glasses cost and what the new pair cost. Who taught you that such things were amusing????

And you know what...if this is not what happened to the glasses, people who throw out glasses belonging to others are still disgusting and I want them to know that.


ThomasLB said...

I'm sorry this happened to you.


Thank you, Thomas. I can always count on you to say something kind.

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