Saturday, November 10, 2007

JenKem....real or hoax???

"JenKem"...a drug made using fecal matter and urine. Let us hope that this is a hoax. There is more discussion on as to whether this is real and where it has been reported. I find this concerning because it would be much more easily obtainable (much) than meth if people could stomach it. It sounds like it is more dangerous than many substances.


ThomasLB said...

It may not qualify as a hoax, but it has certainly been exaggerated. Link

(I've found to be very useful for checking out stuff like this.)


I had read about what Snopes said and will look at it myself. There is an article on that tells more of what law enforcement officials are thinking of this. I don't know, but the reports from Africa may be more credible.I think this would be a problem if it catches on at all. I would think if people could stomach it, more people would do this than meth.

ThomasLB said...

I have doubts whether you can get high on methane.

If you could really get a buzz from something so common, there would be a long history of it. People would be hanging around outhouses just for the contact high.

Basically, they're manufacturing farts. I think it's icky, but harmless.


It would be a combination of methane and ammonia (the ammonia in the urine)....and people do sniff ammonia.

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