Sunday, November 18, 2007

-----In Germany, homeschooling is considered child endangerment. This is not the first family that I have read of that fled to Austria to escape the consequences of insisting on homeschooling.
-----Man is sentenced for committing a holdup...using his girlfriend's vibrator.


ThomasLB said...

I think home schooling is leading to the balkinization of America, and will ultimately hurt us culturally.

I don't think people are pulling their kids out of public schools for educational reasons. It's just the opposite- they don't want their kids exposed to people who are different from them.


I think that is the case
sometimes. ..that people are trying to keep their children away from those who are different.

I would like to "unschool" my children (when husband and I have some) for many reasons. I think that if this is done properly the education is FAR superior and more useful, the child is able to take advantage of more opportunities such as travel,and there is no change of shooting or other violence.

Three of my siblings have been victims of school violence. Two of them have been through more than one incident. I am glad that they survived...all but one incident was something that could have easily led to death and that exception could have led to major injury/hospitalization. I don't know if my family is the exception...I don't think so though as I can name several other people with similar horror stories (at least one involving more than one sibling in seperate incidents).

I myself have been present for several bomb threats at school. I have attended classes at 2 schools where several people killed themselves or others...luckily, I was no longer present.

Being safer from violence is, for me, a major reason for homeschooling.

I believe though that steps should be taken for social integration and that a child should be allowed to meet numerous people that don't constitute a threat to their safety. I think the world is getting to be a very dangerous place.

ThomasLB said...

But, my feeling is that the solution is to make public schools safer. Abandoning them is making the problems worse.

Where I live- and granted, rural east Texas is hardly a microcosm of the whole country- people homeschool or use private schools for one of two reasons: they are Christian fundamentalists who don't want their kids to learn about evolution, or they are white people who don't want their kids around black people.


I just think that until they are safe....children are not guinea pigs for those safer environment efforts. I think it all depends on a case-by-case basis. If you choosing to teach your children certain principles...that is your right. Though I think it would be wise to be like the world but not of the world. Everyone has to go out in the world sometime....even those who are being protected because they will be ridiculed for a disability or something like that.

The problem with actual private schools is that they teach much more and much less than the public schools. I think a lot of private schools focus only on academics and not life skills....thus, the term "prep" school. How many of these children end up living purely academic lives???....a good percentage of them, yes...and very hollow lives at that. Many other children from private schools are being set up to struggles with the skill they need to cope in society.

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