Sunday, November 11, 2007

-----I started to play "Scrabulous" this week. It is online,free and addicting. I always lose. I don't have any word tricks memorized and I don't cheat by using a dictionary (think what you will of that statement). I am really good at Scrabble in real life and I am so glad to have found some people to play with online.
-----Someone on NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) actually started a group for "Zit-Squeezing Bloggers."
-----The thing I am thankful for today:
We are watching "Ghost Rider: Extended Cut" this evening. Husband got some sort of deal at Blockbuster and got that and "300" for us to watch if I were sick longer (either flu or really bad chest cold). I am slowly getting better and will now be able to go back to work (with a lot of water and medicine). Husband is sweet...he knows I liked both of these in the theater (as did he). We both love movies and I value the time spent watching them with him.
-----I get tired of the new scary movie cliche....a kid singing some nursery rhyme.

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