Sunday, November 18, 2007

Can you shoot a burglar in someone else's castle???

Texan kills burglars next door. If you listen to the tape, the man seems to be saying that they came into the front yard. The law is designed to protect you on your own property. Couldn't one argue that this man felt unsafe....that the burglars might come to his house next? Right until the seems that he just didn't want them to get away. He didn't use lethal force on all of the perhaps he was defending himself from certain perpetrators who were running at him. This man clearly thought that he was acting within the new law. The "boom, your dead" part might mean that he is in a lot of trouble. I have older family members and friends that would likely do the exact same thing...complete with some witty an effort to protect another man's castle.


ThomasLB said...

If he had stayed in his house- like the police told him to- nobody would have died, nobody would have even been threatened.

I think this was a yob with a gun who shot somebody just because he could. He's probably had Rambo fantasies his whole life and thought he had an excuse to act on them.

I have zero sympathy for him. I hope he goes to jail for a long, long time.


I do wonder if he thought they might come to his house...I know I would....but then again I am not a yob with a gun who would shoot somebody just because they could. I wonder if they will give him a psychiatric evaluation.....dementia??? Something about the logic of this all doesn't sit right with me. Unless, of course, this is a yob with a gun who was itching to shoot someone because they could.

ThomasLB said...

I could be completely wrong. I live in a small(ish) rural area, and it's wrong for me to judge the whole world by the people who live around me.

I've heard my neighbors fantasize about what they would do if a burglar tried to rob them- and it always sounds very much like it's something they're looking forward to.


I have heard a lot of people do that, too. I would assume that something in their past leads them to have a lot of anger to thieves.

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