Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome to the Halloween CyberCruise

This year Husband, some friends and I will celebrate our 3rd Annual Pumpkin of Sorrows Toss (a tradition since 2005). On Halloween Night, we throw a pumpkin with everything that makes us sad during the year printed on it. It makes a LOUD splat (and requires spotters to avoid all injury potential). I usually post photos. :-)

Well for today's post, I have decided to list past spooky/kookie things that I have blogged about in the past. It is a cruise after all and you should have lots of leisure.....so, this is going to be a long (and I hope entertaining) post. :-)

Here goes:

Rotting Pumpkin in Reverse...neat. I found this on YouTube last year. :-)

My account of visiting a Pumpkin Contest last year:
Well then....I saw a childrens' pumpkin contest today. I thought that I would see something neat. I saw a few cute pumpkins....but something made me stop looking.
What did I see that made me stop looking???
-It wasn't the "Yo Homey!" pumpkin
-Or the pumpkin that was possibly a child's salute to the different things his mother buys when she drags him/her to a local home decor store....either that or this child has a fascination with romantic things that happen to be the theme of gaudy wall decor.
No...the final straw was the pumpkin that the teacher allowed to be displayed which said "I will kill you."
Oh....what fun Halloween is.

This is my cow that we found at a thrift store for 88 cents. Before we figured out that it was likely a cow, we named it Frankenswine.

-----Last year, at Halloween, I purchased Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell 3.
-----The Rock Bottom Remainders....a pretty much once-a-year band that Stephen King is in.
-----I am glad that my parents never told me the Zombie Toenail Lie.

When I think of Halloween I think of last year's Christmas tree which we liked so much that we boxed everything up (I normally use whatever is on the tree to decorate throughout the year). There were 270 purplish-pink lights on the tree. All four strands of lights were bought at a Halloween clearance & cost about 70 cents apiece. I am looking foward to finding new ways to photograph the tree this year.

Husband's Ghost Rider costume that he made for fun. :-)
(Photo copyright The Archaic Design)

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Shameless said...

Hi BB, Gosh, has halloween really come around again? I will never beat the fact that I celebrated it in New York last year!
I'm really looking forward to your piece in the lions' collective short story too! :-)


I think my piece should be done by the end of the the day on Thursday. :-)

Halloween in New York sounds really interesting.

captain lifecruiser said...

Oh, my, that rotten pumpkin looks like a combined ghost and alien thing....

The Zombie toenail sounds like a nasty lie to tell to a kid!!!! Never heard of it before - thankfully! *giggles*

But, my absolutely favorite: your hubbys fiery Ghost Rider!!! AWESOME!!!

I wanna die my hair like that.... *giggles*


Our pumpkin never survives to be rotten...since we Toss it. We are eventually looking at making a trebuchet for this.

:-) Glad you never heard the Zombie Toenail Lie.

The times Husband has actually worn the Ghost Rider costume in public have been delightful....a lot of fun. I am passing on what you said about it....it will make him feel good. :-)

I hope that the cruise is meeting all your expectations.

Gattina said...

I learn a lot about Halloween ! In Belgium it was never celebrated and slightly started two years ago. There are now decorations and carved pumpkins, but nobody really celebrates. It's more known in the UK and Ireland.

RennyBA said...

Thanks for your visit and nice comment and I'm glad you did it your way too :-)

The rotting Pumpkin in Reverse movee was just amazing. It looks so easy, but I know you must have put a lot of efforts to capture all those pics - thanks for sharing!

Sword Girl said...

I really enjoyed watching the rotting pumpkin in reverse - very interesting! It reminded me of when I used to work on the farm. Thanks for visiting me. :-@

Kat said...

I like the Pumpkin of Sorrows Toss, that sounds like such a great idea! Do you really forget about all the bad things that have happened? I've heard of writing things down on paper and then burning it but I've never actually tried it. Maybe I should! Thanks for visiting my blog.


I did not make the pumpkin movie if you are thinking that. :-)


I think you do kind of forget about your sorrows when you do something like the Pumpkin of Sorrows. It is like putting things aside and having a new start. I am glad that I have not had the same things on the pumpkin each year....life is progressing. :-)

Debbie said...

I really liked the video. Neat way to review! The pumpkin toss sounds like a good way to let things go!

And I really must remember not to cut my nails on Sunday!

ThomasLB said...

I look forward to seeing the pictures of the Pumpkin Toss.

Years and years ago David Letterman used to do a segment where he dropped things out of a tower to watch them splat on the pavement. One of the things he dropped was a watermelon.

Do you guys have access to a tower?

TorAa said...

I like the idea with the Pumpkin filled with all the negative from last year ....

and the other stories as well

Deborah said...

What a cool video, and interesting find.

Love your concept of throwing away sad memories with your pumpkin toss :-)


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