Sunday, October 28, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Inaugural ::
  2. Inaugural ball. The President's Inauguration. the first part of something. The media always makes a big fuss about the First Lady's Inaugural ball gown....but the President never wears anything spectacular. The Inaugural will be interesting to hear the new President's address...who do you think the new President will be anyway?

  3. Pledge ::
  4. Pledge allegiance. Promise. when one is betrothed...that is a pledge. Lemon pledge. We just bought some Pledge Multi-Surface:Clean and Dust so I can clean some oak frames. making a pledge to a telethon or charity event...those telethons seem to go on forever sometimes. The controversy over whether the pledge should be said in schools.

  5. String ::
  6. Kite string. stringing beads.a string of numbers.puppet-on-a-string. stringing someone along.Silly stringed instruments.guitar strings.string beans.string quartet.


  7. Trot ::
  8. a horse.Foxtrot...the comic.the Harlem Globetrotters.the Fox Trot...I want to learn someday.

  9. Fitness ::
  10. belonging to a fitness training.The President's Physical Fitness Challenge.

  11. Cinder ::
  12. Cinderella.

  13. Edge ::
  14. standing on the edge of a cliff.some edges are sharp.

  15. 31 ::
  16. Halloween.

  17. Blue ::
  18. Little Boy suede shoes.

  19. Leather ::
  20. Tandy. the sturdiness of leather.Wilson mit.pigskin football.

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