Sunday, October 07, 2007

Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Cluster ::
  2. Clusters of peanuts...Snickers? A bad term used to describe group sexual activity. A star cluster. "Clusty"...a clustering search engine. Clustering is used for various aspects of multi-computer environments. I seem to have cluster headaches and need to start keeping a journal of this. One learn in school that a small group of atoms or molecules is called a cluster.Cluster bombs. A cluster of grapes. There is a German rock band called Cluster...I have never heard anything by them. Piers Anthony has some novels called Cluster....I have not read these though I am obsessively working my way through reading/re-reading all of Piers Anthony. When you see a person tying a bunch of helium balloons together and then flying over some event in a lawnchair....that is called cluster ballooning and what they are doing may be illegal....there was someone charged not that long ago for doing this. Peanut clusters...sometimes I have some sort of problem and choke on the peanuts...otherwise, I love them.

  3. Announcement ::
  4. Engagement announcement. Wedding announcement. making announcements over an intercom system in school. Birth Announcement. Death Announcement.

  5. Respect ::
  6. The Aretha Franklin song,of course. Jabberjaw saying he gets no respect....from the cartoon Jabberjaws. Didn't Rodney Dangerfield go around saying that he got no respect? Paying one's respects. Honor thy parents. Japanese people bowing out of respect. I think Bruce Willis sang a song called "Respect Yourself." Disrespect. The principal who yells about respecting authority in "The Breakfast Club"...did he die a while back?

  7. Incident ::
  8. Scandal. What's going on with Britney Spears right now...lots of incidents. The Roswell Incident. avoiding an incident.

  9. Accordion ::
  10. Weird Al.polka.accordion pleats.if I misspell it when I am tired, it comes out "accordian."

  11. Drunk ::
  12. Drunken fool. I cannot drink much...due to thyroid problems...going into a coma is a pretty good incentive not to drink much. Moms Against Drunk Driving...the pain these women go through. Is there a Fathers Against Drunk Driving? A lot of times, my grammar on "drunk" and "drank" is messed up.

  13. If ::
  14. "If,..then"-a hypothesis.

  15. Dexter ::
  16. Buster Poindexter...remember the guy with big hair who did a remake of "Hot,Hot,Hot?" Dexter's Laboratory on the Cartoon Network. There is a breed of small cows called Dexters...I find them pretty. I have never met anyone named Dexter.

  17. Wedding ::
  18. Wedding dress. Wedding plans. Wedding planner. Disney weddings. I do not like the new Disney-inspired wedding dress collection. All-inclusive wedding resorts like "Sandals."

  19. Gambling ::
  20. Roulette. "The Gambler" by Kenny Rrogers. Casting lots for Jesus' clothing (at the Crucifixion). Gambling Addict. Las Vegas,Reno, Atlantic City. taking a chance.Poker.slot machines. Dice. dice coming up "snake eyes." dealing cards very quickly.

This word association meme by Luna Nina.

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