Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Posts that made me smile:
The Tale of the Sentient Trash Can trash can has a tendency to move itself out into the street.
A Plague


Scary Video.

On Tuesday I was watching the news and the reporter accidentally called Barack Obama "Osama." The broadcaster did not correct this....just went on. I guess Osama is running for President. Apparently, Mitt Romney also made this mistake recently.


The Wrong Trousers
"I was roaming Balboa Park before a wedding and this three piece band caught my attention. A small boy with an upright bass, a bespectacled giant with a mandolin, and an unassuming girl with a harp. They call themselves The Wrong Trousers. Talk about odd choices in musical instruments. But they have tremendous talent. Their style won't be everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying they know their instruments and are comppletely unique. These kids are still in high school! A good size crowd had formed and they were getting lots of cash donations."

-----Why do those who are more educated lose their memories faster?
-----Marital stress linked to heart disease. I think that hostility and controlling behaviors effect our health in all areas of life but that it is likely more damaging when we perceive someone with as close a relationship as a spouse is doing it.

6. I posted this yesterday but it bears repeating:

Warning....this will be very upsetting. This is Kevin Cosgrove's September 11 call to 911. The pain his wife & children must have gone through. :-(

And on a MUCH LIGHTER note:

7.A disabled woman is trying to get a service horse as a roommate in her apartment.

8. Apparently, it was found that the use of a taser on a student at a Florida university was justified.

9. I blogged about the supposed Chupacabra finding before. Here is a slightly gruesome picture of its detached head. I have never seen anything like that. It is the 7th photo in.

10. Heart attack victim died and was brought back to life 12, that is not the record.

11. Model railroading still popular (at least in the UK). I am impressed by Rod Stewart's layout (yes, the Rod Stewart). The article also covers other celebrity hobbies traditionally considered "geeky."

12. If their endangered species listing is lifted, people may be able to hunt Yellowstone's wolves again. This is a controversial proposal.

13. Pictures of man "levitating" in front of the White House. I wonder how that is done...fascinating.

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yh said...

Happy TT! Thanks for sharing your thoughts this week!


Thank you. I don't think I have seen you on the Thirteens before...that I can remember. I am off to visit yours. :-)

Nicholas said...

Excellent list. And thanks a bunch for that scary video! Don't be surprised that the tazering of a student who wa already being restrained was justified. It was in Florida 2 weeks ago that seven guards at a children's boot camp who beat a 14 year old to death were acquitted of manslaughter.

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! the first video let me jump back and on the second I noticed that the bending over woman has a wet spot on her bottom ! That goes along with the wrong trousers !

colleen said...

I kept wondering if the boy behind the big bass even had trousers on and what the stick was in front of the man levitating. The 911 video was gut wrenching.

Sword Girl said...

I love that video in number 2!

Amy Ruttan said...

Very interesting TT thanks for sharing.

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