Monday, October 29, 2007

Soccer coach may be in trouble for mooning the opposing team in a moment of anger.


ThomasLB said...

"Mooning" just makes the person doing it look ridiculous. I always thought of it more as a joke or prank than an insult.

In this case though- a middle-age man pulling down his pants in front of little girls- I think maybe he's just a pervert.


Surely,even in the heat of the moment,one would realize that doing this in front of 16-year-old girls would cause a problem in today's society. I always thought that mooning was more of a joke or prank, too. The problem is that if you let one adult do this....eventually you will get one who is doing this solely to be a pervert.

The coach stated that he didn't do it. I guess we will see if more witnesses come forward than just the parents of the opposing team.

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