Thursday, October 04, 2007

I could use a neck rub right now.

-----Shiatsu Self Massage...looks pretty easy.
-----How to do a stress-relieving foot massage. I don't like huge amounts of massage oil though.
-----Instructions on how to give a good back massage
-----A nice hand massage....what a nice thing to do while watching TV.
-----Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain. What surprised me is that this pained is often eased by massaging somewhere that is certainly not your back.

VideoJug: How To Deal With Foot Cramp

VideoJug: How To Give A Deep Stress Relief Back Massage

We are going out to eat shortly. I think I will ask Husband for that neck rub before dinner. I have goiter problems,so my neck gives a LOT of trouble from swelling. I avoid palpitating the front of my neck but very gently rubbing the back (more like patting) seems to help a lot.

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