Monday, October 29, 2007


-----School bans Halloween dressup...because of "Captain Underpants" costumes.
-----There is some debate as to whether Halloween candy causes children to have a sugar high.
-----There is always the debate about weapons....but I have never seen this include banning the devil's pitchfork from a costume.
-----Some Halloween toys with lead in them have not been recalled yet. One of the most disconcerting is Vampire fangs. Update: At least some of these things are being recalled....I somehow doubt that every store who carries these type of things is jumping on the band wagon. I think it indicates either pure ignorance or lack of caring for anyone's safety that it got to be this way in the first place. It makes me mad that the main victims of this have been children. I have seen articles blaming this situation on the American consumers demand for lower cost products....these articles do not have a positive outlook that the situation is going to change.

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