Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Previously I wrote:
Britney Spears Loses Custody of Her Children. On Wednesday, there will be a hearing to discuss further custody arrangements.Britney's lawyer explains why he thinks she lost custody.

Anyway....she is to officially lose custody at noon today. However, there is a hearing at All people, including myself, see at first is the headline that she lost custody. Theoretically, it could be a very short custody loss.

I am assuming that by 1:30 she will have taken her drug test and obtained a California driver's license. She does have a Louisiana driver's license and I don't know whether anyone ever told her that she needed to have a license for all the states that I have been to one's license is valid in any state until it expires. When she was pulled over, if she was informed by police that she had to get a California license, was she told the penalties for not having one? Is there a system for making sure that people are aware of these kind of laws that people likely don't know about and don't know to inform themselves about?

She has to take drug tests because someone said they saw her doing drugs...that's a valid reason to take the precaution of drug tests but still frustrating....all you have to do, if you no longer like someone who is having custody problems, is say that they are doing drugs and your word can cause trouble for them???

Anyway....who know's if her lawyer's hypothesis was really the reason the children were taken away. I guess that she will find out today.

Here is Time's article on whether Britney should lose custody.

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