Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More About See-Through Frogs....

Previously I wrote:
-----A see-through frog eliminates the need for dissection. The third generation of frogs dies though...I hope that this can be fixed.

Now I have seen what the frogs look like. While they offer many educational benefits...I don't know that this modification to frogs will eliminate dissections. They are see-through, but you can't see details of least in the video.


ThomasLB said...

The problem is that to see the internal organs transparent skin is not enough- the muscles and rib cage must also be transparent.

I'm not sure dissection really teaches kids anythng that couldn't be learned just as effectively with a plastic model. All they're really seeing is the placement of the organs.


I think a plastic model would be much better, too. Though I was there for some dissections in school, another eager classmate did all of in had been looking foward to the dissection all year. The intensity of my classmate's eagerness was disturbing. Don't tell the teacher but I didn't look at the dissection all that much. Nowadays, I could probably protest and be allowed to do some sort of alternative.

Well...I wonder if it is possible to make the muscles and rib cage transparent without harming the frog.

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