Thursday, October 18, 2007

Find out what's going on BEFORE judging someone for being on Welfare.

I found this "Note from a Welfare Kid" on "The Best of Craig's List." It gives you something to think about before making judgments about people on Welfare. Not everyone on Welfare is (as society often says) "trash" or "taking advantage of the system."

My personal rant on people judgmental of EVERYONE on welfare:
There are times when it is justifiable and appropriate to be on welfare....death of a spouse (when you have children and are working as hard as you can), when you have to be home to take care of an ill child (and thus can't work as even your home time is taken up with the ill child who is well enough not to be institutionalized but not well enough for you to be at work), when a spouse abandons you and your children,when suddenly on medical leave. The alternative to welfare during these times is very dire. I have known many people who have had situations like this (obviously)....and yet someone still manages to look down on them at some point (and said someones often know the situation).

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