Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween CyberCruise...Share Your Scare

I hope everyone who visits is enjoying the cruise. :-)

Things that might scare me:

Ok...this chair would scare me.

Lawn Mower Man

A walk through Hitler's bunker


This one is PG-ish. I know that a lot of Cruisers will find this one funny. :-)
Flowgo has more cartoons and videos.

A skull watch that belonged to Mary Queen of Scots. Click on the link at the bottom of the post and this takes you to a page that shows the frontal view...much creepier. Imagine someone just casually using that.

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Gattina said...

The second video was funny, are your really scared about the others ? I only pitied the poor children who cried apparently they didn't appreciate Halloween very much. In Belgium it's not celebrated, there is a few decoration in the shops, but that's it.

vlado&toni said...

oh i also got scared in that first video. I find the skull santa really hilarious though :)

captain lifecruiser said...

WONDERFUL!!!! I LOVE THE WHOLE POST! You've really done an excellent Share Your scare post here - much better than my own too!!!

Leaving us different alternatives too. I think the carousel chair in the first is both hilarious and terrifying at the same time. It gives me shivers and goosebumps all over for sure!

The walk in Hitlers bunker is a really well done video with that matching music. It gives me the creeps. I hear all his victims screaming through the whole walk - and a very, very sad feeling!!!!

The Trick & treat kids I feel sorry for, but it's their parents fault who should not force them to go through this like that frightened. I do love how people have made their houses real scary - verrrry artistic and creative! We have nothing like that over here!

And of course, the boobs-witch is just simply ADORABLE - if witches can be that! I love the way she swings around them! I think I have to start practise NOW! That scare would be soooo fun to do! *giggles*

Sword Girl said...

I loved Rob Zombie's "Dragula!" Awesome Halloween song. I felt bad for the kids; they seemed really terrified. Unless they were really good actors. lol

Deborah said...

I'd much sooner be the controller of the robot than the rider in that first clip. Then I think it could be fun ;-)

The last one is bloody hilarious!

Great collection of clips, thanks for sharing :-)

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