Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cubed Steak for Dinner

Tonight, we made "Marlboro Man's" Favorite described on "The Pioneer Woman Cooks."

As always we made a few adjustments based on what we have/like.
Our substitutions:

-----Right now we use Zorba rolls when we want to have a nice sandwich. We love Zorba rolls. We skipped the drizzling step because that would make the sandwich too soggy....though I had a sandwich with French bread later to experience the sauce more.
-----Our Zorba rolls still broke up but they were excellent. Letting the sauce sit a little on this or French bread is just wonderful. :-)
-----Husband says he cut the meat too thick.
-----Husband is thinking of trying this sandwich with top-sirloin.
-----The only thing we had to buy was the meat and the Zorba rolls. If we had wanted to, we could have used the French Bread and only purchased meat. This was an inexpensive adventure for us.
-----There are two of us and there was enough for four sandwiches. Anyway....steak doesn't reheat well. We made a point of not having leftovers.
-----We didn't have any Lawry's...though we thought we did. "Everglades Seasoning" has about the same uses and,I think,close to the same ingredients. Maybe our sandwich came out a little milder due to this choice.
-----Instead of Tabasco the "Hunka, Hunka Burning Love" Hot Sauce. It reminds me a lot of Tabasco sauce and a little of enchilada sauce. An officially-licensed Elvis product. We used a very small amount of this...still, it was a tiny,tiny bit spicy at times.

Our verdict: Excellent
We will be making this for Husband's Parents. :-)

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