Monday, September 10, 2007

Yesterday (and early morning today) was the neatest day.

We decided to do something romantic but got a late start. We ended up going to a Red Robin for the first time...gourmet burgers. The reason why I wanted to go is because they have a Teriyaki Burger at McDonald's in Japan....and they serve a good one called a "Bansai Burger" here. This was my first experience of a Teriyaki had pineapple on it. The conversation was nice....quality time.

Then rental of a movie that we watched with in-laws....Bubbba Ho-Tep. It was a movie about a man who thinks he's Elvis (Bruce Campbell) and a man black man who thinks he's JFK. They are fighting an Egyptian curse. Humorous.

After thiis, we stopped at a store and bought Doritos...inspired by early George Carlin. Now, we are watching "Heathers" (another rental) and eating Doritos.

Fun. :-)

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