Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Well....last night...or should we say this morning???? was NOT fun.

I had insommnia, a thyroid attack & depression until sometime after 4 a.m. The depression was solved...related to a specific problem (Husband and I came up with a spectacular solution). The thyroid attack was medicated...I have a swollen thyroid and I am a reluctant,but frequent, friend of ibuprofen. The insommnia lives on.

What is keeping me up now. Well...I thought it was construction since about 6 this morning. It sounded like a jackhammer. There is no construction though. Around 8:30 it turned to hammering. Shortly before 9, a neighbor went out and yelled at the person whom they had been telephoning about all this noise. There was so much noise that the neighbor making it couldn't hear the telephone.

Anyway...noisy neighor said they would stop. Of course, they didn' you hear tiny pounds every once in a while.

I have called off my workday and hope that sleep catches up to me at some point. Otherwise, Noisy have made me sick and MAD....if I can't sleep at least I can sit here and relax...and think of sleep.


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