Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Rita ::
  2. Rita Rudner...there is a new book out called "Turning the Tables." When I first read this week's meme I was thinking of Gilda Radner and getting her confused with Rita Rudner. Rita Hayworth...daughter of a flamenco dancer and a Zeigfield girl. Hurricane Rita. The widow of Bob favorite song of his is "Redemption Song." Rita Wilson (wife to Tom Hanks). Rita is the Sanskrit word for truth. Senorita.
  3. Comedy ::
  4. Comedy Central. Robin Williams..."RV", the genie from Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Bicentennial Man, The Final Cut,dancing in "Don't Worry Be Happy." Clowns. Mimes. George Carlin...who loved Pepsi and Doritos before it could be seen as an endorsement (before they were owned by the same company). Mark Day...a Scottish-American comedian on YouTube. Weird Al. Eddie Murphy. The movie "Heathers" with Christian Slater and Winona Ryder has been reviewed as a "Black Comedy." Romantic comedy...that one with Jennifer Aniston and the ferret that keeps getting dragged into things. Bruce Almighty. Bruce Campbell...I am wearing an "Evil Dead" shirt right now. Red Dwarf. I still haven't watched Battlefield Earth all the way through....yes, I know that wasn't intended to be a comedy but some of the villians make me laugh. Black Adder. Monty Python. They Might Be Giants. Douglas Adams....Hitchhiker's Guide. The Marx Brothers. The Three Stooges. giggling. Kevin Smith's Jersey Girl.Dork Tower...a comic series. I have been looking into Christian Comedians....though not a comedian, Dr. Gary Chapman makes me laugh when he tells a good story in a book or at a seminar (The Five Love Languages). Adam Sandler. 50 First Dates. The Water Boy.
  5. Polar ::
  6. Polar Bear. The Polar Express...a movie I haven't seen yet...all the Coca Cola items that went with this. Mars Polar Lander. The North Pole and the South Pole. Bi-polar.
  7. Idiots ::
  8. Guide Books for "Idiots" or "Dummies." Many people say Bush is one. A book by Dostoevsky..."The Idiot." The Village Idiot. Crash test dummies. "I feel like such an idiot." Idiot savants...neat Rain Man. Parking like an idiot...what we say when someone parks too close. Moby is a part of "The Little Idiot Collective"...which, among other things, makes t-shirts. telling someone not to be an idiot. Bob Dylan has a song about an idiot wind. The Darwin Awards point out criminals who are idiots. Green Day has a song called "American Idiot"...I am listening to their song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" right now.
  9. Perception ::
  10. Perception Kayaks. The Doors of Perception...a book by Aldous Huxley that details what his life was like while he was taking mescaline. I found a blog called Doors of talks about sustainability, so I am interested in looking around. "The Doors of Perception" are mentioned in William Blake's "Marriage of Heaven and Hell"...which I studied in both high school and college. Jim Morrison mentioned the Doors of Perception often...which reminds me that I want to reread a book that I have on Jim Morrison..."The Doors" were actually named after Huxley's book. Visual perception. Depth perception...which I have pretty much none, I see a lot like a camera would-in two dimensions...I don't spend a lot of time editing photos. I love having people check out The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer...some of my friends truly look as if they are another race when they try this and I like some of the painting effects...also the manga doesn't work on everyone or every photo but, when it does, the effect is astounding!
  11. Infected ::
  12. Gangrene. People who don't take care of there wounds and end up back at the hospital aggravate me....especially when they actually act like it is an achievement that they didn't take care of their wound and now have a nasty infection....sorry-one of my pet peeves. Infected with a computer virus. Infected with the flu. A PlayStation game. Yeast infection. Staf infection....easy to catch it would seem. People being scared of getting infected with Bird Flu. Infected with West Nile Virus. INFECTED...I just got a downloader virus (Monday night, 9-17-07)....I haven't had a computer virus in such a long time.
  13. Fake ::
  14. Faux. Not real. Fake ID. Fake fruit...I like fake grapes in the kitchen interpersed among wine and candles...I have fake grapes in my kitchen like this. The vendors who sell fake Rolexes. Fake bake...a bad tan. I have mentioned in my prayer list that some people in Zimbabwe have been without water for six months...they are also having problems with fake AIDs drugs...and the economy is in absolute shambles. Conspiracy theorists say that things are fake.
  15. Relating ::
  16. Relatives. Family Reunions. Something in common. Telling a story. Twins...the Nelson twins.
  17. Distraction ::
  18. Keeping one from thinking of something disturbing. Distracting a child from doing something. Distractions on the road...accidents..."gapers' block." The television is distracting.
  19. Gamble ::
  20. The Gambler...the Kenny Rogers song. Will Wheaton likes to play poker. A big risk. Casinos. Proctor & Gamble...I like their Secret Pear-Scented deodorant....I usually wear "Vanilla Chai"...and sometimes Gardenia. Las Vegas. Gambling can be an addiction...a gambling problem.

A word association meme by LunaNina.

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Zooomabooma said...

Okay... wow. You've just won an award I just invented for Longest Unconscious Mutterings Ever. Very cool!!!

I can't believe I didn't think of Rita Hayworth first. She was such a great actress and beautiful too!

And Comedy Central I'm watching right now! (MAD TV's on plus all those great shows they run -- Colbert, Stewart, South Park, Reno 911!)

I've never found Christian comedians that can really make me laugh a whole lot... I wasn't always a Christian so R and X rated humor is what I've always known and for some reason, clean Christian G or PG Rated humor just isn't funny to me -- it's boring. But that's just me. Christians who've never known the darker side of life don't even know the difference!

Ahhh, and I almost posted a picture of a Coca-Cola Christmastime polar bear!

Doors of Perception and Perception Kayaks -- i could go on and on but I've already rambled enough. Have a nice day! :)

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