Sunday, September 09, 2007

Unconcious Mutterings

  1. Dork ::
  2. Dork Tower is a comic that if very funny...I enjoy reading it and even have the one that includes recipes. I call my husband a Dork....affectinately. Some people are not nice when they call someone a dork. Dorkmagazine..."a daily publication about art, life and people." Do you regret ever calling someone a dork or something like that? There is a band called "Son of Dork" and they have a song called "Murdered in the Mosh" (as in moshpit)...I can't decide if I like them-they are pretty much a boyband that really doesn't like metal least it is an original thing to be singing about. Chez Dork...a game about Dork Tower...I always like saying the name. A blog called "The Dork Club". Most bloggers might understand this "geeky" tatoo. The Dunce hat that people are shown wearing when they have been bad at school in cartoons...did they really do that???

  3. Refurbished ::
  4. Refurbished computers. One should donate their cell phones so they can have them refurbished to help others....but read about a incident where this REALLY backfired recently resulting in MANY fake 911 calls and emergency staff being needlessly sent out with no way to catch the person doing it. Refurbishing a house can be a lot of work. Plastic surgery...some would consider that refurbishment.

  5. Basket ::
  6. Easter basket...instructions on how to make a plastic jug Easter basket.My grandmother made me the cutest little plastic canvas Easter basket one year. It is annoying that many craft/hobby stores do not carry reeds at all any more....Husband uses them in some of his sculptures. I want to find myself a nice sewing will have to be antique as I don't like the way sewing baskets are made now (not enough storage and not unique). Fruit baskets at Christmas. People being "basket cases" when they are nervous. Offering plates or baskets at Church. The baskets that the loaves and fish were in (the New Testament). My picnic basket is one of my favorite things. Yogi Bear stealing picnic baskets. Flower baskets. "A tisket, a tasket a green and yellow basket. I wrote a letter to my love and one the way I lost it." The Nicholas Cage movie Wicker Man...when I am tired I accidentally call it "Basket Man" (which makes Husband laugh a lot). Trash basket. The basket of a hot air balloon...the ballon in The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy carrying a basket. Basketball...making a basket. Carrying baskets on your head in other countries. Basket-weaving.

  7. Mousse ::
  8. Chocolate. The name of the girl on "You Can't Do That on Television"...yes, I know her name was spelled like the animal. Apple I am not kidding you this is their name....a pretty old group of computer users up in Alaska. I have never made mousse. I like frozen pies that have mousse on them. A hair product.I used to think it was pronounced "moo-say" at one time. :-)
    Found on the Internet (I love to Google recipes.):
    Rhubarb Mousse
    Mango Mousse (something made in India)
    Guava Mousse
    Cranberry Mousse
    Cucumber-Dill Mousse (from Betty Crocker and served with crackers)

  9. Studio ::
  10. Walt Disney Studios. Motion picture studios. I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille. All the work that goes into keeping up a studio. The MGM Studio Backlot. Photo studios and all the special lighting. Special effects. Art studio.
    -Two models in Husband's old art studio:

  11. 8 ball ::
  12. Magic 8-ball. There used to a magic 8-ball toy with the genie from Aladdin.

  13. Masking tape ::
  14. Masking what? Adhesive. Using it to put labels on things. Really an annoying waste of money when a whole roll dries out. Can't find it when you need it. Something you do in Photoshop...I know how to do pretty much nothing in Photoshop. The frustration when the whole piece won't come off. Wearing the rolls as bracelets. The rolls might be fun to juggle...until you hit yourself. Tracing the roll to make a circle. Making a straight line with this can be frustrating.

  15. Love ::
  16. I am so much in love. True Love...the Madonna song. Courtney Love...whom I disagree with often. The Love Boat. There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. "All You Need is Love." Romeo & Juliet. Ill-fated Lovers. Titanic. Valentine's Day. Husband and I are going to do something romantic today. Astrology talks a lot about love. Love letters. A book of love letters that Dana Reeve is hard to believe that both Dana and Christopher have passed away...and still sad...I think theirs was a great love. Love Story...the book. Love stories. "And they all lived happily ever after"....fairytale endings and a reference to a friend who got married this weekend. Love One Another. A Lover's Knot. Looking at my wedding ring. Motherly love. Family love. The love one has for one's friends. A very powerful emotion. "All for One" from The Three Musketeers movie. The song "The Game of Love." Mother Theresa said "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." Unrequitted love. Tainted Love. Love Can Move Mountains. Paris. The Canals of Venice. Romance. Those stupid candy hearts at Valentine's with the messages on them. From the heart. Showing your love. Some people have a hard time expressing love. Hugs and kisses. Love and Marriage...the show Married with Children. Long-Lost Love. Loved ones who have died. I wonder if everyone's answer for "Love" will be their longest muttering.

  17. Wilder ::
  18. Laura Ingalls Wilder. Van Wilder...the movie...I am sure I spelled it wrong. My hair gets longer and wilder every day...I like it that way. Almonzo a girl, I thought the actor who played Almonzo was very handsome. Oscar Wilde.

  19. Lindsey ::
  20. Lindsay Lohan. I have never known a nice person named Lindsey...this is sad....just pretentious people...maybe it is the era the name came from.

A word-association meme by LunaNina.


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I love all the detail you put in your mutterings. I used to love my magic 8 ball.


Thanks, Bookgal. I will be over to visit your Muttering soon. :-)

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