Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen


Segway Polo. I want to try this at some point. :-)

-----There is also a seat that one can use on a Segway.
-----Segway Cop
-----There is actually a tour company that is official and authorized to offer tours of Paris (via Segway, of course). That looks like tons of fun!!! This has to be one of the coolest activities I have ever seen...just makes me smile. I want to do this way more than Segway Polo.
-----A Segway is a self-balancing scooter. A self-balancing scooter is not a new development....there are other ways to build one such as this. A Segway though is aesthetically-interesting and has some good safety devices. I am not technically-literate enough to build my own scooter...yet. :-)
-----Be sure to check the vehicle laws in your state if you ever purchase a Segway. Ignorance of the law is not a defense if you get pulled over.
-----This is from a few years back but...both George Bush and George Bush, Sr. riding Segways. I found it interesting that the founder of the Segway would like to see troops riding these into battle.


This is interesting. Something most of us have probably done for amusement at some point.

3. I have read that there may have been someone posing as a police officer in the recent (alleged) robbery incident involving O.J. Simpson. I wonder why impersonating a police officer was not included in the charges for the person saying they were one (or if it will be). I have been following this and I truly see prison time for O.J. in this matter. I always try to see how the person might be innocent but I have yet to find anything like that in this case. :-(
-Here is a more sympathetic account of the motives that O.J. had in this.

4. Watching an encore presentation of "Kid Nation" online. It is amazing how much children pick up these days (and how soon). These children really impressed me with their intelligence and bravery. I almost cried a few times. I did actually cry a little when the one girl was awarded so much money (sorry, I am not a spoiler and am not saying who it was)...that will be such a help for their future. I think that the gold stars might have at least a temporary beneficial effect on a lot of these kids. I would have picked having more latrines,too. A lot of this show reminded me of Art Linkletter's "Kids Say the Darndest Things."

5. The Camera Van is a pretty neat piece of traveling artwork/artwork-in-progress. One of the photos that I have seen from this project was of a woman flashing. I wonder what motivated a young lady on the side of the road to flash us as we were driving home this week...certainly no camera van present then.

6. Scariest picture of a bee that I have ever seen. Is that a live bee?


"Smells Like Teen Spirit" the Ukele Remix. What a unique performance of this song. I don't endorse the "striptease" videos that "Groovy Grooves" hosts. Anyway...this was a fun performance to watch.
-The baby who was swimming after money on Nirvana's "Nevermind" cover is now 17!

8. I am excited because I refound great place for used and out-of-print books. I have found a ton of books on there for a dollar...particularly old Piers Anthony books. Of course, there are many book on here that cost a lot...such is the nature of good books. is worth taking a look at. :-)
-There are 50 million books on here!
-I was just good thing in the death of one of my favorite authors Douglas Adams. Douglas died in May 2001....that means that he did not have to witness September 11th....yes, I know he was English...I just have a feeling that it would be one of those things that he would have considered heartbreaking.

9. Cancer may be curable in two years.


I have never had moose milk. This I would try but I am not so sure about Jellied Moose Nose.

11. I am drinking a glass of apple cider mixed with a little pineapple juice. I am enjoying this.


Mia Rose sings "Missing You."

"I'm Like a Bird"


"The Exortation" original piano composition by Jacob LaVallee.

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