Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

-----Man improperly accused of sex offense....this is ridiculous.
-----Man steals car to turn himself in. He was wanted on family court charges. I assume that this new arrest is going to make the family court case worse.
-----I'd like a Big Mac and some bandages, please. Teen accidentally shoots himself while waiting in line at McDonald's.

2. Superman:
-----Kryptonite discovered...neat but Husband & I wish it was green. :-)
-----4 Men Scale a of them wearing a Superman t-shirt...and it is for "giggles."
-----The religious affiliation of Superman/Clark Kent

And it's not Superman but still very impressive:

3. Cow dung:

------A vanilla extract made from cow dung. Would you be willing to have this in your shampoo?
-----Cow-pie clocks

4. Top Ten Most Annoying Alarm Clocks. Effective....very effective.

And this clock is just neat:

------Bio-alarm clocks

5. split that show the person at a younger age and as an adult.

6. Listened to today:
Duran Duran-"Hungry Like the Wolf"
Elvis "Blue Moon" (Alternate Take 2)
Madonna "Live to Tell"....pretty song.
Chicago "Along Comes a Woman"...I would like to karaoke to this one.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers...Don't Come Around Here No More
Whitney Houston-How Will I Know
Billy Ocean-Loverboy
Yes-Owner of a Lonely Heart

Plugging My Ears (yucky to me):
GTR-"When the Heart Rules the Mind"

Listened to one channel where a tagline was:
"The Whoopee Cushion of Internet Radio"

7. How to workout your abs without buying devices:

The narrator is very opinionated & makes slightly adult jokes...just so you know.

8. Topiary Art Designs Ltd.

9. Doing some reading on elephants today. I was surprised to learn that some violent elephants rape and kill rhinos.

10. Make a change today.

11. What did you do on September 11 this year? I learned a little bit more about Richard Caproni who died at the World Trade Center.

Please vote for me...if you feel so inclined. I have 247 votes. I am way behind but not giving up faith as I really enjoy blogging.

13. Man feels that his burp flawed a breathalyzer test...and feels that he should get his license back. What harm would it have done to take the test a third time....or however times necessary to get a fair result??? I would assume that the man protesting is going to win this case...even if he was drunk.

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Nicholas said...

The first story in #1 isn't ridiculous; it's outrageous. Those cops need to be sued into bankruptcy.


Would the policemen themselves end up paying for this behavior?

Tink said...

Thanks for visiting my IJmuiden TT. Sorry I'm this late for my return visit!
Interesting list! :-)

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