Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

1. Insects:
Banana Worm Bread
Mealworm Fried Rice...I bet the thought of that grossed a few people out.
Corn Borer Cornbread Muffins

Seeing the wasps sticking out of the cookies is a little creepy to me. Would you try this?


Human Tetris (

3. Just yesterday...Pavoratti's condition had worsened. Today....he has died.
-Christine got a greeting from Pavoratti...neat story.
-My fave Pavoratti was when he sang with James Brown.

From the director:
I made this for a London Records conference before the famous video was made. I had a good time wandering round the City of London with Roland for an afternoon shooting this.
-I am currently listening to a short clip of "Johnny Come Home" off the Roland Gift website.
-Roland was the Immortal Xavier St. Cloud in the Highlander series.

5. How living a year "Brand-Free" changed one man's life

6. Oprah is endorsing Obama.
-By the way Oprah is a cousin of Lisa Marie Presley (and thus Elvis)...a distant cousin....17th and 18th,or so, respectively. When the tabloids report this, they are not making it up. Oprah refers to as her cousin in commercials, too.

7. It is sunny out and my husband pointed out the beautiful rain to me when it started. I think the rain doesn't extend much further than our house right now....neat. It smells good. We didn't find a rainbow.

8. Things I am looking foward to in 2008
-Iron Man coming out.
-There are supposed to be new episodes of Futurama.

9. Maybe Mel Gibson will be a villian in a Justice League movie. Perhaps Bruce Willis will play Lex Luther.

10. Owen Wilson is doing better...that's good.


The Mean Kitty Song by Corey "Mr. Safety" Williams. The cat's name is Sparta. :-)

Please vote for me if you like my blog. This would mean a lot to me. :-)

13. Salads:
-Japanese-style Potato Salad
-Mexican Caeser Salad
-Apple Cider Salad
-Avocado, Persimmon, Watermelon Radish and Sweet Onion Salad with Honey Ginger Lime Dressing
-Thai Cucumber Salad
-Dog Egg Salad Recipe...for your dog
-----And the pea salad that I made a while back....which inspired this photograph. I call the photograph "Waiter...My Pea Salad is Mutating."
"Waiter...My Pea Salad is Mutating"


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