Thursday, September 13, 2007

Should We Part Ways with Britney?
Is it best for her and/or us??? is the video that is being talked about all over TV and on the internet:

It is titled "Leave Britney Alone." I have seen other places where the author threatens to kill themselves if something happens to Britney (I don't know if that part of the footage is real or someone was spoofing the video). :-(

Really...I didn't think that Britney's VMA performance was that bad. I liked the song....I think it was trying to say something about what society demands from Britney. I think that she just wasn't ready for this performance...maybe that was why the lip synching. She looked a bit uncomfortable and scared at times (though some places online say that she had been drinking). I think another outfit would have been more flattering as she was really washed out compared to the background dancers (who did an excellent job). I really didn't like the way the outfit showed her hipbones but I certainly didn't think she was "fat" or "flabby"...what society has come to describe as fat is ridiculous. The whole thing was a performance that was almost there but just didn't make it completely. Certainly NOT something to prompt to HUGE public ridicule that has poured forth.

Of course, criticism comes from Perez Hilton:

There are those who say that Britney chose this lifestyle and must face the consequences. Many feel that she really can't make a comeback.

And there are those who are spirtually offended by Britney Spears (and Madonna). Some of those would like to see both of the stars beheaded. Perhaps these words were just spoken out of anger. I will say that I would like to see both stars become a more positive influence in some areas.

Some responses are extremely worded in places:

Anyway Britney is only 25...and I wish her well. I don't want to see these kind of dramas ruining the rest of her life.

I would like to hear how she is doing...and hope that it changes to a happy tale. :-)

My online friend Thomas says best why we should really be worried about Britney.

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