Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Richard M. Caproni....one of 2.996 Beautiful Voices that we lost on September 11

Richard Michael Caproni, 34

from Lynbrook, Nassau County,New York
Senior accounting specialist, Marsh & McLennan
February 9, 1967 - September 11, 2001

3 weeks before September 11, Richard, affectionately called "Richie", had just purchased his first home:
His sister, Lisa, was still decorating the place in denim-blue and wood hues. He told her no fussy, floral motifs. "He was proud of buying that apartment," she said. "Because he was on his own."
"He just had to unpack a little more," his sister said. "And he was good to go."
Can you imagine how hard it was to look at this apartment for whoever had to sort it out??? :-(

I started reading about Richard as a part of the "2,996 Voices Project" (which started in 2006)...a tribute to those lost on September 11th. I really wanted to get to know him. I looked to find Richard's "voice" and I couldn't find more than the many lists of names that people put up but finally...I found from a memorial page that:
-He was definitely a Giants fan.
-Richard made his co-workers smile
-He seemed pretty proud of his siblings.
-He was great at pep talks...at work, on a football field...just about everywhere it would seem.
-He was good at singalongs...planned & impromptu (the story of him singing "The Love Boat" as two teenagers walked by holding hands made me smile)
-I think he was a Springsteen fan...so am I. I wonder what his favorite Springsteen was. In any case, now when I hear Springsteen I will think of him.
-He had a lot of really good, longtime friendships...I am especially glad of this for him as he had such a short life.
-A lot of young women seemed to have a crush on him. I would imagine that one day he would have fallen deeply in love...and lived happily ever after. :-(
-He liked "Malcolm in the Middle" & "The Sopranos."

One memorial entry said that his parents, Richard and Dee, are the nicest people that they know. I have also read that Richard's father is (or was-I am not sure if he is retired) and was the type of coach who really had the respect of his players....the kind of person who respects the lives of others profoundly.
-Last year Richard's parents encouraged people to do something happy on September 11...that is what people should do on the anniversary of deaths-something good in memory of that person.
-Hugs to his parents...big hugs...imagine thinking that your son was safe during such a tragedy...then finding out that they had gone in early & perished. :-(
-And this year Richard's father made another point about the holiday:
My fear, besides the obvious safety concerns, is that Sept. 11 would soon have the word “Sale” plastered around it, as it does now for Memorial, Labor and Veteran’s day.
It’s why this must be emphasized from Richard Caproni, father of Richard Michael Caproni, who died in the north tower.
“We would feel horrible if this ever turned into a hamburger or hot dog kind of day,” Richard Caproni said.

On September 11, by all accounts I have read, Richard decided to go to work early.
Many of his co-workers were also at the office. :-(
According to the Marsh & McLennan entry on Wikipedia this is what happened:
-"295 employees were killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks; they were working in Marsh's One World Trade Center offices located at the impact zone."
The plane ripped a path across floors 94 to 98, directly into the office of Marsh & McLennan, shredding steel columns, wallboard, filing cabinets and computer-laden desks. Its fuel ignited and incinerated everything in its way. The plane's landing gear hurtled through the south side of the building, winding up on Rector Street, five blocks away."
I cried when I read about how close the impact was.

This is the memorial page that the company keeps for everyone that was there that day....here is Richard's entry
-it tells about his great love of movies & how much he was loved by other people. He loved football & was in many wedding parties. I think that Richard was probably very easy to get along with...sounds like someone who was a good friend.
-Acoording to their website, MMC does have a permanent memorial:
"MMC's September 11 memorial is located in the plaza adjacent to the company's headquarters at 1166 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. The plaza is open seven days week, except holidays. From May 15 to September 14, it is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. From September 14 to May 15, it is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m."

-I have mentioned it before on this blog....this is the quilt that was done for Richard as a part of the "United in Memory" project.
----Richard is on the Bellevue Hospital Wall of Prayer. This was something done by family/friends looking for their missing loved ones in the time shortly after September 11 & has been kept up as a permanent memorial.

To Richard:
-I read through every entry of your name. I found enough to know that you were a very nice person.
-As the years go by, I will be keeping your family in my prayers. I am keeping to that promise to keep you & your family in my prayers...this is the second year I have posted about you on this tragic day.

This year's tributes:
-Jean D. Roger...a beautiful and kind girl of only 24.
-Angelene C. Carter...obviously very loving to her large family. :-)

Some of the tributes from 2006:
Katie McCloskey,William R. Steiner,Adianes Oyola, Anne Rose T. Ransom, Richard Bruehert,Christopher Michael Traina, Tom Burnett,Dennis M. Carey, Candace Lee Williams, Zoe Falkenberg, Commander William Howard Donovan Jr., Dorothy Alma DeAraujo, David W. Bernard, Sgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory, Thomas Anthony Palazzo, Gilbert Granados, Marjorie C. Salamone,Michael J. Armstrong , Gordon Mccannel Aamoth JR, Danielle Kousoulis


maggie's mind said...

Thank you for learning about and sharing Richard's story, and I agree that we can *never* let 9/11 go the commercial way of the other "holidays." Perhaps in that sense it's good that we don't get the day off work if that's what we'd choose to do with it. Reading tributes about good people like Richard is much more important.

I've remembered Jean D Roger.


At my work today it was very busy...I suspect that many people had asked for the day off work. It was the worst day I have EVER had at the this job...and that is saying a lot. The people were extremely rude. All seemed in a hurry as they had carefully carved out this much deserved time off (being sarcastic here).

I wish that I had asked for the day off. I would have spent the day reading all the tributes. I have read tributes about each of the victims at least once.

Smiling a smile for Richard right now...he obviously gave others so many.


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