Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nirvana Covers

Someday, when I have a coffee shop of my very own, I would love to have Motor sing there. In the meantime, I listen to the Nirvana cover songs that James Graff (one of the vocalists) posts on YouTube.


I like that this not an exact copy of how the piece was originally done....hence, actually a cover song. I am impressed....and a lot of cover songs certainly don't impress me.

Smells Like Teen Spirit:

Again...this is not just a imitation of Kurt's voice. I think that this is a hard piece to get the notes on. It seems like there were either problems with the sound equipment or the recording device at points.

Motor also does Pink Floyd and Ramones covers (among others).

I would love to see them in person at some point. I definitely hope that they stay around long enough to ask them to sing at my coffee shop. :-)

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