Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I haven't sent for samples in a while....

I like sending for samples and then blogging what I think of the item that I tried. I find a lot of things on a blog called "Free Sample Forager" (that I found while playing Blogshares).

Right now I am into trying new food items...trying to find things that I would like to sell in my coffee shop someday. Anyway...rummaging through Free Sample Forager this evening and I have sent for a few things:
-A "Simply Nutrilite" Nutrition bar in Cherry Almond Flavor. The other flavor available is "Chocolate Crisp." I am not sure what Nutrilite is...whether it is an ingredient or just the name of the bar.
-I signed up to be a friend of Wildwood Foods. I am supposed to get 2 free cups of soyogurt. I cannot have soy but hopefully my husband will be willing to give me feedback on it.
-Kashi's 7-Grain Snack Crackers.

Q-Leaf Green Tea. Organic and Fair Trade.
And they have an enviromental discount:
If you re-order the same kind of tea and would like to re-use your tea tin, we can refill your order without the tin and you will receive our enviro. discount.

And while it is not a sample, I signed up for the Tazo Tea mailing list....which alludes to samples.

And this is interesting (though not in the food theme):
A program sponsored by Xerox that allows users to send an anonymous "thank you" postcard to a U.S. soldier stationed overseas.

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