Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gossip show this Fall

Gossip Girl on The CW

I am not a gossipy, as in scandalous, sort of girl. I do spread good gossip on my blog and I do discuss celebrities and such in a way that I hope helps someone. :-)

"Gossip Girl" is supposed to teach life lessons from what I can, in the end, it is good gossip. This show is based upon a series of books about a blogger at a private school (who posts gossip about the things going on locally). Gossip Girl knows about all the social issues, friendships and rivalries in her town...and wants to tell everyone else.

I am wondering if Gossip Girl's identity will ever be released to everyone in the story and what the reactions will be. Even if it is helpful, people sometimes don't take to gossip well when it is about them.

In the Yahoo TV section it is supposed to be possible to view the first 10 minutes of the September 19th pilot episode...but I haven't been able to find this yet.

I am hoping that this show is different than a lot of the shows that I have seen about elite firms or schools. I want to see real change in the characters...not a glamorization of their weaknesses and vices or making fun of things society shouldn't be ridiculing (both of which are present in "hit shows" such as my pet peeve "Ugly Betty"). I am looking foward to seeing what this show is like and hope that it becomes a "hit" with real capability to touch lives.

I wonder if the "Gossip Girl" character will end up being the good guy or the bad guy. I wonder what her motive is for telling all. I just know that she will be a narrator....and, one would assume, one of the actual characters in the storylines covered. :-)

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