Monday, September 10, 2007

------A few weeks ago, I could hear this lady in a line telling her child to "say hello to sunflower" but I didn't see anyone. Where was this person with an unusual name like Sunflower? As I got close enough to see, I realized that she was purchasing a large and fairly sharp sunflower-shaped metal lawn stake. I was a little upset/scared when I witnessed her having the child "smell the sunflower." This was one of those mothers who could not let her child express that they were not enjoying shopping even a little. A child doesn't have time to throw fits when the mother is tap dancing and forcing them to learn how to duck from large metal objects. *growl*
-----And then there was another mother that I am very angry with....but I never saw her. I was helping a customer at my work when I picked up what I thought was an annoying dryer sheet among her merchandise...we both realized at the same time that it was a used baby wipe. I am both annoyed at the woman who obviously forgot that this was among her merchandise AND went ahead shopping with it in the cart leaving someone else to deal with it (but forgot this....if you can understand this train of thought, good for you)AND the woman who put it there after cleaning up after her child in the first place. I have no idea what it was used for & just hope I don't get sick.

-Today's adventure was a trip to a thrift shop. I was thrilled when someone wanted to shop at & insisted on knowing the exact thrift shop that I went to for a shirt that I was wearing today. Thrift shops are fun.
Some of recent purchases:
-Bronze road runner pin
-Pin of a rose (from Mexico)
-Stephen King & Anne Rice Books
-Microwave Recipe Cookbooks (only one a manual)
-Pencil holders...Husband teases me about my silly-to-the-point that they are ugly pencil holders. I find them endearing. I must post pictures sometime. I can never have too many pencil holders.
-Little celtic looking silver pinky ring...looks hand-coiled.
-Glass or sapphire ring...I am not sure which but I still like it a lot.
-Old Waylan Jennings, Jr. record
-Genuine Mood ring...which I promptly got wet a few too many, a genuine non-working mood ring but I still find it beautiful.
-Gigantic rhinoceros...a model for one of Husband's sculptures

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