Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do you think such a school is a breeding ground for Muslim extremists? Do you think that there are viable steps that could be taken to prevent it from being a breeding ground? Do you think that some Anti-Muslim Extremists will consider attacking this school?

I think in this country, private instruction in Arabic would be a better option for one's own safety.

There are many GOOD reasons to learn Arabic:
Native Language
Biblic Scholarship
Going over & helping people who speak Arabic
Knowing a Language that many in the world speak
Being a Peacekeeper

I suppose this educational institution could become a breeding ground for Extremists but only if school officials/parents/students let it.

This reminds me of how many traditional schools have become breeding grounds for violence. Who is doing anything to truly stop that or to address the needs that are being unmet (thus, causing the phenomena)???

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