Sunday, September 23, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Singles ::
  2. Running out of ones when making change. Not having any ones when going to pay for something...that happens to me a lot. Singles bar. Online singles websites. Singles in tennis. Wild and crazy singles. one else. A movie back in 1992...I watched it more than once but don't remember it that well (starring Bridget Fonda and directed by Cameron Crowe). A song is often release as a single. When I lose one of a pair of socks....recently I had 20-some black socks that had no actual matches...if I have two of the same color, I often wear them anyway. Being a matchmaker. Most Eligible bachelor.Kraft Singles.

  3. Blaze ::
  4. The name of a horse in some children's books. Johnny Blaze...Ghost Rider. A bad fire. Trying to put out a blaze. Blazing a trail. A character from "Mortal Kombat." An excercise machine...the "Bowflex Blaze." The title of a Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) book...I don't have this and I have/have read a lot of Stephen King books. "Hi Ho Silver!" That a way! A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty "Hi Ho Silver!" The Lone Ranger. "Hi Ho Silver, away! ... The Utah Blaze. A Chevy Blazer. I like to wear blazers. I thought of "Blade" for a second. Saint Blaise. I think Blaze is kind of a neat first name...I have only seen this happen in romance novels though. The Burning Man Festival...I hope that I can go someday. Smokey the Bear. Firemen trying to put out a blaze. September 11. "Burn in hell."
    Husband's Ghost Rider costume makes me smile.

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  5. Sandwich ::
  6. The Earl of Sandwich. The guy from the Subway ads. Ruebens. sandwich bread. stuck between two things...sandwiched. Peanut butter and jelly. Elvis' peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Quizno's. Arby's. Dagwood's sandwich...from the comic book strip. Panini. Sourdough. The different types of bread. Tonight I ate raisin bread. We bought bratburgers...bratburgers and raisin bread...that should be an interesting sandwich. The grilled cheese sandwich is my favorite. I like finding different recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches. Subway Sandwich Artist. A meatball sub. Philly Cheese Steak. Alfalfa sprouts on a sandwich...sometimes I like this a lot depending on the other ingredients. I want to try making a grilled Havarti sandwich...I am going to try a variation using what I have (which means a banana pepper or green peppers instead of jalepeno)...I like Havarti a lot and am excited for a grilled cheese recipe that I haven't tried.

  7. Outside ::
  8. I subscribe to "Outdoor" magazine. I often want to go outside. The Great Outdoors...the movie and otherwise. Standing outside, looking in. The Outsiders with Tom Cruise, Patrick Swayze,Ralph Macchio, etc. I was just talking to Husband about how Ralph Macchio is 45 now. Taking pictures of flowers in the morning...we like doing this. A song by George Michael...whom I hope does eventually find out if he has HIV or not. A Nelson song with the line "I've been on the outside, looking in..." Homeless people often live outside. A lot of things happen outside embassies...especially in movies. The name of a Bowie album. I wear my Crocs outside. I like to go to outdoor art festivals (and other festivals). Thinking outside the box. I hate trying to use the laptop while many problems trying to see the screen. Some people have an illness that makes them afraid of going outside. "Baby, It's Cold Outside." A while back it was raining only over our house (with the sun out) and we went outside to try to find a rainbow. Don't color outside the lines. Going outside of one's comfort zone. What is the weather like outside? Taking the dog outside for a walk. Going outside during a firedrill. Struggling to get outside during a fire. Has your family had a fire drill? Standing outside a door...we spend a lot of our life doing this. Letting people into our world can be hard. Outerspace. Going outside one's own country for the first time.

  9. Gooey ::
  10. Chocolate chip cookies. messy. "Ooey,gooey." I am going to try the recipe for "Oeey Gooey Berry Butter Cake."

  11. Industry ::
  12. The oil industry is a big focus in our world. Industrial music. Some industries have Unions...the UAW, for instance. Conveyer belts and production lions. The Industrial Revolution. "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"...Hank worked in a factory before being transported to Camelot.

  13. Exclusive ::
  14. Elite. Some channels or websites get exclusive coverage of an event. cliques.inclusive.

  15. Warranty ::
  16. Lifetime guarantees forget to mention what happens when the business goes out of bussiness shortly after you pay extra for the best warranty....a lot extra....GROWL. The pain of trying to make a claim on a warranty. Being careful not to do anything to void the warranty. Those tags that you are not supposed to cut off pillows. The law requires that you can read these BEFORE you purchase a product.Extended warranties. Microsoft recently extended there X-BOX 360 warranties because there have been hardware problems. The Lemon Law (for cars).Car dealers/car commercials often talk about extended warrantees.

  17. Magical ::
  18. The fairy godmother singing in Cinderella. The sorcerer in Fantasia. Magic tricks. Houdini. Harry Potter. The Magical World of Disney. Pulling a rabbit from a hat. David Copperfield. The game "Magic: The Gathering." Orlando Magic. The couple that did the quick-change-of-clothing act on "America's Got Talent." enchanted. The Magical Mystery Tour.

  19. Heels ::
  20. Drag queens. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Falling. Painful. My calves,ankles and feet swell due to thyroid problems...I no longer wear heels. Scuffed heels. A heel breaking off in some movie chase. To Wong Foo. walking the runway. I haven't heard anything about Ru Paul lately. The women in the video "Simply Irresistible" (Sir Robert Palmer). Making a dog "heel." A heel is not a good thing to call a person. Stilettos.Achilles heel.the Tar Heels...I don't know what sport.Falling head-over-heels in love. Heel spurs...painful. Jack London ("Call of the Wild") wrote a book called "The Iron Heel." Wearing out the heels of socks.

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