Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Star Wars T-shirts

Product_Images/229ff957355a.jpg @ SplitReason.com
Bad Motivator t-shirt design @ © SplitReason.com

Product_Images/290c3a743a61.jpg @ SplitReason.com
Run R2 t-shirt design @ © SplitReason.com

Product_Images/9bb0a58cfdee.jpg @ SplitReason.com
OSWars Linux t-shirt design @ © SplitReason.com

I am Star Wars obsessed. This is the newest T-shirt company that I found to be an affiliate of.


Tien said...

hey, thanks for your comment. yea, i know roadtrips are fun. all i need is the time and the budget. and hopefully, some companions that are willing to roam with me. it could be a little boring to go on your own :D

and those t-shirts are cute!


If you can't find companions, your journal or camera could be a good companion....at least for me. I have been on trips where one of the highlights was just writing my thoughts on what I saw/thought.

The t-shirts are awesome. As I have made known before, I am Star Wars obsessed. :-)


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